The following general procedures are recommended for communications between and among pupils, parents, teachers, the Head and the School Steering Committee;

(a) Concerns relating to class problems are usually best referred to the classroom teacher. Problems unresolved through a conference with the teacher or problems of a more general nature should be referred to the Head.

(b) The Head is responsible for the organization, operation and administration of the total school program.  Questions about school policy should be directed to the Head.

(c) Requests for changes in school policy and appeals against decisions made by the Head may be addressed to the School Steering Committee.  All communications to the Steering Committee should be in writing and should be addressed to the Chairperson, Steering Committee of the International School of IITA.

(d) Any parent may request that a subject be placed on the agenda of a Steering Committee meeting by submitting the request in writing to the Head’s Office at least one week prior to the meeting. 

The Parents and Teachers Association.

The PTA serves as a communication channel in order to promote understanding and cooperation among parents, teachers, and the School Steering Committee.  The PTA assists in organizing activities that are aimed at supporting the School’s programme and that enhance the School.

Wednesday Newsletters

Each Wednesday pupils take home the school Newsletter and any communications from the school. The Newsletter contains important information for parents and children about extra-curricular activities, field trips and other school activities.  It is posted on the school website every week.

Report Cards

Full written reports are distributed at the end of Term 1 and Term 3.  An effort grade card is issued at the end of Term 2.

Visits and Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parents are encouraged to visit the school and confer with teachers.  Conferences may be initiated by parents or teachers at any point in the year.  The first official Parent-Teacher Conference is organized during the second half of Term 1.  There is a Three-Way Conference in Term 2 involving students, teachers and parents and in Term 3 there is a Student-Led Conference. 

Student Learning Profiles (SLPs) are sent home every term with the request that the parent or guardian discusses the work samples and goals with their child, comments on the progress made and returns it promptly to the school.

Portfolios are formative assessment tools that children use to collect work of their choice, celebrating their learning. These are shared at Student-Led Conferences and go home with the student at the end of the year.

Termly Forecasts regarding the work to be covered during the term are sent home at the beginning of every term.

Phone Numbers and addresses.  All the families’ telephone numbers are sent out at the beginning of each term.

Useful numbers:

 IITA                                         234 7008004482

 School Office                          extension         2593

Head Teacher’s Office                                   2756

The school email address is

The school website address is


 The School secretary will supervise a child’s request to use the telephone and a teacher will likewise supervise access to e-mails.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones should not be brought to lessons or carried around the School.   They are to be lodged with the School secretary for safekeeping