Technology and Learning

At The International School of IITA, we believe that technology has an important and powerful role in supporting learning in all  areas and across all subjects, and that we are ALL Learners. To this end, we envision a learning environment at IITA School…

  • where students are highly engaged, motivated, and taking ownership for their learning;
  • which promotes differentiation and caters to multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles;
  • which is flexible, unbound by the walls of the classroom and restrictions of the timetable;
  • which allows for authentic connections to the “real world” and to learners and experts in other places in addition to those right here;
  • which supports transdisciplinary units, meaningful collaboration, innovation, creative thinking and problem solving;
  • where all of us are partners in Learning – students, parents and teachers learning from each other.

We believe that a technology-enabled learning environment can:

  • Provide unprecedented access to the vast and rich resources available online and in digital format;
  • Provide unprecedented access to software and digital and online tools that can transform teaching and learning;
  • Promote higher-level thinking;
  • Allow for the acquisition of important 21st century skills, such as managing and maintaining a connected device, and how to be good digital citizens;
  • Foster the integration or inclusion of 21st century skills within content area curricula;
  • Create conditions for greater student engagement;
  • Make learning more authentic and relevant to students by providing real-world tools and connections to the world they know outside of school;
  • Help to shift from teacher-centered to student-driven learning;
  • Foster differentiation of instruction within classrooms;
  • Enhance communication and feedback amongst teachers and students;
  • Create greater collaboration and foster a “community of learners”, comprised of students, teachers, parents and others outside our  school community;
  • Mirror student’s current online lives and help to prepare them for the future;
  • Assist with environmental concerns, such as reducing paper waste;
  • Create a fun environment in which to explore, learn, and work together.


Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent Erbil College IT Policy

International School of Helsinki Technology plan

IITA School 21st Century Technology Plan