The Gisel/Stavolone family  We are both researchers and when we were offered the opportunity to work for IITA in Nigeria, we were very appealed but also concerned about moving our two non-English speaking children (7 and 10 years old) to an International school. However, after visiting the International School of IITA, seeing the infrastructure and talking to some teachers and the head teacher, we got convinced that our children would have received all support to find a new pace and develop even stronger social and academic skills in this environment. Indeed, one month in the new school and the language barrier was broken while a tight friendship with the new schoolmates was forged. In the morning, students learn basic school subject and in the afternoon follow so-called “afternoon clubs” where they can choose among a variety of social, artistic, and sportive topics. Since the school is small, classes are small and the teacher – pupil interaction is tight and personal.

After 3 years attending IITA-school, our children returned to Italy in the national education system. Both reintegrated very fast and proved to be at the same level as their schoolmates in the major subject. We were quite surprised to observe how well they caught up with subjects not covered at the IITA school; we believe it was due to the abilities they developed to tackle and to love learning. Furthermore, the multi-cultural interaction during these 3 years broadened their horizon and their aptitude at looking at things from different angles. We understood that the vision of this school is to educate persons rather than students. The attention paid to help each and all student to develop his/her own skills based on his/her own capacity is impressive and provides them with an incredible load of self-confidence and positive study/work habit. This proved to be guarantee of success in school achievements. Our children consider the time spent at the IITA School as an unforgettable experience that will guide them through their future studies and life –Thank you!

The Omidiran family All three of my children have attended IITA School. The older two spent time in grades three to six, and the youngest started at eighteen months in playgroup and stayed until April 2018, leaving when he was nine years old. I have found IITA School to be an excellent school in terms of how the children are taught to be kind and considerate to others, and are encouraged to be very aware of the world around them, and their place within it. My children shared their learning environment with children from many different countries and were exposed to a wide range of cultural influences. The friendships they formed subsist to this day. The children are taught to be well behaved, respectful and polite. The teachers, ably led by Mr P, are very professional, as well as kind and caring.
In terms of academic achievement, my older two were ahead of their peers when they joined the school system in the UK. The small class sizes at IITA School ensured that they had a very individual learning experience which has been useful to them. The youngest has had no difficulty settling into his new school in the UK.
The children’s learning is enhanced by the location of the school within IITA campus, offering a range of opportunities for the children to place their learning within a real practical context. For example, if they are learning about science and plants, they visit the research labs to see this in action and speak to the scientists to learn more. Community action projects teach them to care for others less fortunate. The environment is safe and clean.
The school offers a variety of sports, all three had the opportunity to learn to swim to a high standard and my youngest was pleased to be the first in the school’s history to pass all swimming awards at his age. There is also a wide range of after school clubs which give the children the opportunity to do other things like karate, gymnastics, football and craft. The December production is also a key feature of the school’s calendar and the children have the opportunity to participate fully.
Lucy Omidiran  December 2018

The Hauser family  Our two sons have attended IITA School. The older one started at the age of 3 and a half years the younger at about eighteen months in playgroup. Both stayed until end June 2018, leaving when the older was about to turn 10 years old and would have gone to grade 5. I consider the IITA School to be exceptional in the way the children are taught to be orderly, kind and considerate to others.

Due to the multicultural environment children are very aware of the diversity of people from all over the world. At the IITA school they are all in the same place and learn the same things. The school engages rather well in showing children that no matter how different ones background may be, there are many and essential commonalities that make all people one humankind. The school teaches children behave well, being respectful and polite. The school’s management, led by Mr P, as everybody calls Mr Piacentini, ensures teachers to be highly professional, kind and caring. The school’s location inside the IITA campus is a major advantage. Our sons left home by bike in the last years to go to school and to return. Distances are manageable and the environment is safe. This certainly contributes to the children acquiring skills, be fit and be relatively independent. An additional advantage is the presence of numerous facilities and research laboratories which served often times as “living” examples on how things work. Children could see how water is treated to be potable, how bread is baked and how machines function. With a wide range of nationalities present on campus teachers drew on parents to present on countries or on the research they were doing. Generally the environment is safe and clean, yet offers many opportunities to children to explore.

The school starts early teaching letters and numbers without putting noticeable pressure on the children. Both our sons were ahead of their class mates when changing (temporarily) to a German school. Class at the IITA School are small giving teachers the opportunity to very individual learning and paying attention to eventual problems. The younger son reported to be bored at his new school because he was so far ahead of his fellow 1st graders, who know practically nothing.The school has an excellent coach for a range of sports, focussing on swimming. The school offers a wide range of after school clubs such as karate, gymnastics, football and craft.
Stefan Hauser, January 2019